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Nucare Pharmacy

Welcome to Nucare Pharmacy, located at 229 Victoria Road, in Aston, Birmingham.

We are situated next door to Victoria Road Medical Practice allowing us to have an excellent working relationship with one of the major GP surgeries in the area, easing the provision of services including repeat prescriptions, flu jabs, EHC and travel health advice, including vaccinations and malaria prophylaxis.

Our aim is to provide the residents of the local area with an easy to access central hub for all their health needs.

We order and collect any repeat medications you request as well as providing a free prescription delivery service.

We offer Advanced NHS services, such as Medicines Use Reviews (MUR), New Medicine Service (NMS), and Flu Vaccinations.

Other NHS services that we provide include the Minor Ailments service, which allows us to supply certain medicines to treat common conditions such as a fever, cough, indigestion and mild eczema amongst others, free of charge without the need to see your GP.

We also run a Smoking Cessation service aimed at helping people quit smoking for good.

We provide a number of services not available at local GP practices through the use of Patient Group Directions (PGDs). These allow our pharmacist to aid in the supply of Combined Hormonal Contraceptives, Emergency Hormonal Contraceptives, as well as tablets to control weight, hair loss and the prevention of Malaria. Give us a call or come in store for more detail.

Our Travel Health Clinic has been set up to provide easy access to all travel vaccinations to anyone travelling abroad. We also provide expert travel advice, and are here to answer any questions you may have in regards to your holiday.

We offer the Meningitis ACWY vaccine to anyone travelling to Saudi Arabia for the Hajj and Ummrah pilgrimages. This includes providing a certificate of vaccination, in accordance with the Saudi regulations for the purposes of obtaining a Visa.

We also run the Umbrella Service, which covers any advice on sexual health you may require, as well as the provision of STI testing kits and condoms free of charge.





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